1. A threshold by any other name: is five minutes of wake ‘long’ enough to degrade sleep quality? Renske Lok, Dwijen Chawra, Jamie M Zeitzer
    Oxford SleepDOI Link, Nov 2023

    This repository contains my code to generate statistics on wake duration and wake frequency per night per patient. An extension of the first paper, this was a manuscript analyzing the effects of wake duration on sleep quality. The National Sleep Foundation put out a recommendation that wake duration greater than 5 minutes is important for sleep quality, and we wanted to make a scientific basis for this.

  2. Sleep-wake stability and variability in the middle-aged adult population Renske Lok, Lara Weed, Dwijen Chawra, Joe Winer, Jamie Zeitzer
    Sleep Volume 45DOI Link, June 2022

    This paper studied the effect of missing sections from actigraphy data, and benchmarked different imputation methods. My contributions to this work were processing the raw actigraphy data from fitness watches, and creating a flexible pipeline in Python for testing across various imputation methods and time windows, and measuring their accuracy.

  3. Objective underpinnings of self-reported sleep quality in middle-aged and older adults: The importance of N2 and wakefulness Renske Lok, Dwijen Chawra, Flora Hon, Michelle Ha, Katherine A. Kaplan, Jamie M. Zeitzer Biological Psychology Volume 170DOI Link, April 2022

    My first paper with the Zeitzer Circadian Lab. I trained Random Forests with scikit-learn and used Random Grid Search for hyperparameter optimization. We analyzed the relationship between sleep quality and objective sleep metrics, such as time spent in sleep stages, sleep efficiency, and wake after sleep onset, and found the most important objective metrics for sleep quality was the amount of time spent in N2 sleep, and the amount of time spent awake after sleep onset.


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